After 9 months, will Hariri apologize for forming the government? Saudi news

When will the Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri pronounce an apology? A question that preoccupied everyone during the past 24 hours, as Hariri received messages from those concerned with the authorship file asking him to wait for the last effort of Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri before announcing the death of his initiative.

In order for Hariri to relieve him of the burden of 9 months of the failure of the authoring process, he launched the wheel of his tour before the apology, which began with a visit to the Mufti Sheikh Abdul Latif Daryan today (Saturday) to inform him of the obstacles facing his mission and that prompted him to resolve his decision. Sunni” and informed the attendees of his intention to apologize. After his departure, Hariri said: The country is deteriorating economically and socially. What matters to us is the country, and this is the gist of the conversation that took place inside the Council. After that, he went to meet former heads of government, provided that his meeting with Berri would be decisive in terms of setting a date for the apology.

For its part, the Sharia Council warned that there are those who are pushing matters into the abyss, and said in a statement: We will not allow the powers of the Prime Minister-designate under any pretext, declaring his support for Hariri based on the constitution emanating from the National Charter. The Council accused the authority’s team of creating the atmosphere to stir up sectarian and sectarian strife, exposing Lebanon to chaos and turning it into the era of ignorance. He pointed out that there is indifference, indifference and confusion among those who control the necks of the Lebanese, because they are immersed in their illusory narcissism and refuse to extend their hand to save Lebanon from sinking into the whirlpool of chaos and collapse.

He expressed his regret that Lebanon is in a storm in a raging sea, while its rulers turn to a sterile debate about the gender of the ministers and their dependencies while the ship is about to sink. .

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