An Italian player committed suicide because of racism Saudi Arabia News

The newspaper “Football Italia” revealed that the former AC Milan player, Sid Vizin, committed suicide (Friday), leaving a message revealing the racist violations he suffered during the recent period.

According to the Italian newspaper, Faizin was born in Ethiopia in September 2000 of Ethiopian parents and was adopted by an Italian family in his childhood.

Visin joined the Milan Football Academy in 2014, and after several seasons with the Rossoneri, he decided to return to the Benevento club in the south of Italy, before making a sudden decision to move to five-a-side (mini) football and work as a waiter in a restaurant.

Faizin left a moving message in which he mentioned how everyone around him loved him as a child and how everything changed when he became an adult: “Wherever I was, I felt the weight of people’s suspicious, prejudiced, disgusted and frightened looks. I’m not an immigrant, I was adopted when I was a kid, and I remember everyone loved me. Wherever I went, everyone spoke to me with joy, respect and curiosity. Now everything seems to be turned upside down.”

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