Canada: The charge of premeditated murder is chasing after the “Pakistanis rammed” Saudi News

A Canadian court has charged 20-year-old Nathaniel Feltman, the killer of the Pakistani family, with first-degree murder. The detained Canadian ran over the family members with a truck he was driving in London, killing 4 and seriously injuring the fifth, and his condition is still critical in hospital.

The police did not say anything about the nationality of the immigrant family in Canada 14 years ago, nor did they release the names and photos of its members, or information about them. However, local news websites reported that they are a 74-year-old woman, her son Sayed Afzal, 46, and his wife, Madiha Salman, 45, in addition to their 15-year-old daughter, Yamna, while the only survivor is their child, Fayez.

An investigation into the mass run-over incident revealed that the attacker, who was arrested in a parking lot of a shopping center 7 kilometers from the place of the massacre, “was not a criminal, but deliberately targeted the family, in a pre-planned crime,” according to Canadian media, Detective Paul was quoted by Canadian media as saying. White from the London Police, where about 30,000 Muslims reside, and far away in the province of “Ontario”, more than 200 kilometers from Toronto, the provincial capital, which includes 1.5 million Muslims.

Paul White said the police had evidence that the driver who ran his truck into the family’s location as they crossed the street and violently ran over them and then escaped carried out his crime out of hate, while the city’s mayor described what happened as a “dark day” and ordered the flags of London to be flown at half-mast for three days.

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