Dubai Police bring down a gang of precious jewelry and watches – localities – accidents and cases

Dubai Police have arrested a (European) organized gang experienced in burglary and jewelry theft, after they robbed a car showroom and stole valuable jewelry and watches, valued at about 13 million dirhams.

The Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, Lieutenant-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, confirmed that the work team at the General Department of Criminal Investigation and Investigation made a great effort to arrest the accused and return the stolen items to their owners, despite the lack of any evidence of their identity, noting that thanks to the complete readiness of the field teams to deal With all the events at different times, and the use of artificial intelligence techniques, the culprits were found in record time.

The Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs, Major General Expert Khalil Ibrahim Al-Mansoori, said that the gang took advantage of the weak security measures at the car show, which facilitated the execution of the crime, as they used a piece of iron to take off one of the shop windows, and fled with the stolen motorcycles as well, to one side. Unidentified, without leaving any trace of their identity, pointing out that the gang consists of three people of European nationality.

The Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigation and Investigation in Dubai Police, Brigadier General Jamal Salem Al Jallaf, stated that “the accused are working within organized gangs that have mastered thefts and robberies,” noting that “the details of the incident are due to the Dubai Police receiving a report stating that the theft occurred, and by moving to the place, the whistleblower reported. (Arabic) that when he entered the exhibition at about nine in the morning, he was surprised by the disappearance of the displayed jewelry.

He added that the administration formed a working team of officers and search and investigation personnel to collect inferences from the crime scene, but the team faced a challenge due to the lack of evidence due to the professionalism of the gang that did not leave a trace behind, but they overcame that and prepared a quick containment plan, to apprehend the perpetrators before escaping with jewelry and precious watches. They succeeded in identifying the suspects.

Al-Jallaf pointed out that “after collecting the threads and setting the zero hour, the gang members were arrested before they escaped, and the stolen items were recovered in less than 10 hours from the notification.”

“The gang took advantage of the weak security measures at the car show to carry out the crime.”

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