Lawyer sues client for refusing to pay fees

The partial civil court of Ras Al Khaimah ruled to oblige the director of a (Gulf) contracting company to pay a lawyer an amount of 12,000 dirhams due attorney fees, with legal interest of 6%, and obligated him to pay fees and expenses.

In detail, a lawyer filed a lawsuit, in which he stated that he agreed with the defendant to defend him in two lawsuits, write notes, attend court sessions, and defend him, provided that he receives 10,000 dirhams as fees in the first lawsuit, and 5,000 dirhams in the second lawsuit, except That, despite his defense, his submission of defense memos, final rulings in his favor, and his attendance at all sessions, he only handed him 3000 dirhams, despite his multiple times demanded to pay the agreed fees.

In the lawsuit, he demanded to oblige the defendant to pay him 12,000 dirhams with legal interest at 12% from the date of filing the lawsuit until full payment, and to pay him 1,000 dirhams in compensation for material and moral damages, and oblige him to pay fees, expenses and attorney fees.

The plaintiff’s attorney, lawyer Mahmoud Shibl, stated that no reconciliation had taken place with the defendant, and he submitted documents that consisted of a power of attorney, copies of newspapers of claims, memoranda, minutes of sessions and copies of judgments, while the defendant stated that he had paid 6000 dirhams, and he was unable to bring the receipt that proves the payment of the amount. He decided that he had paid 2500 dirhams in cash to the plaintiff’s attorney, in addition to 3000 dirhams which he paid to the law firm.

In the judgment of a partial civil court, it was stated that in light of the impossibility of conciliation between the two parties, the court considers that the plaintiff has fulfilled his obligations, while the defendant did not prove the payment of the agreed attorney fees.

She explained that the defendant paid only 3000 dirhams from the agreed upon, and it was not proven otherwise. The case was dismissed in more than that.

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