Lebanon: Who wins the assignment? Mikati or Salam? Saudi news

To whom will the majority of votes in the binding “Parliamentary Consultations Monday” on the 26th of July go to former Prime Minister Najib Mikati or to former ambassador Nawaf Salam?

Mikati, who has been silent since his name entered the Nominations Exchange, has remained silent for fear of burning or out of concern for a slip of the tongue that might reveal a lot about what is going on in the corridors of the apologetic Prime Minister Saad Hariri, but the director of the Focus Center Salem Zahran, who is close to Hezbollah circles, revealed in a tweet. On Twitter, what is going on behind the scenes, he said: “Hariri made his decision to choose Mikati as president, and the blocs are waiting for his return from Greece to discuss the details he wants after the assignment, with the help of the French who seek a government before August 4.”

Zahran concluded with questions that need answers from those whose name was mentioned in the tweet and are still silent, as he wrote: “The question remains, how can a government be born without the current and the forces?”

The silence that is applied to the far and near in the commissioning process was violated by a press statement published today (Thursday) in the newspaper “Al-Nahar” by Ambassador Nawaf Salam, who entered his name, as usual, from the wide door of the Nominations Exchange, as he enjoys Arab and Western approval. He has its leadership, that it is not permissible for two people to disagree that the country is in a dangerous and exceptional situation in all the meaning of this word, and this requires an exceptional treatment, whose title is a government of independent competencies with exceptional legislative powers that alone allow today to deal with the necessary speed and effectiveness required for the great problems that it suffers from country.

He explained that what is required are exceptional powers for a specific period of time not exceeding the end of this year, and that their fields are also specific in issues related to finance, economy, energy and social affairs, without this meaning that achieving the independence of the judiciary should not remain a primary priority.

Salam confirmed that he said the same words to everyone who approached him with the issue of his assumption of prime minister, stressing that his first concern is the establishment of a government capable of rapid achievement to put an end to the suffering of the people, stop the collapse and start the process of reviving Lebanon.

But the reality and the data confirm that until now, it has not been clear to everyone that “the white thread is from the black thread,” in light of the lack of agreement on any name and no resolution of the government’s form and tasks. A source revealed to “Okaz” that the only thing that is clear until now is that one of the reasons that prompted Hariri to apologize is his quest to remove the sword of sanctions from him and his team, and the same applies to the President of the Republic, his quick call for consultations to remove the sword of sanctions from him and his team, repeating throwing the ball Hariri’s stadium and that he is the obstacle, according to Hariri’s own statement that he will not name a new president, nor will he grant him the Sunni charter.

The source explained what is going on with the candidates, Mikati and Salam, by saying that Mikati cannot accept the task without delegating Hariri and the former prime ministers, and that Hariri agreed from under the table to Mikati because understanding between Aoun and Mikati is not impossible, and this assignment may keep him in the arena of the existing political game in the country. As for Gebran Bassil’s allusions to Nawaf Salam’s adoption, they are an attempt by the son-in-law to gain external approval, since Salam is accepted by Arabs and the West, but it has so far clashed with Hezbollah’s rejection.

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