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A customer was surprised when he received a phone call that the name of a local bank appeared on his phone screen instead of the caller’s number. on his data.


Real estate offices take advantage of the difficulty of moving tenants from one building to another. They tighten the terms of lease and the annual rental value for current tenants, despite the fact that the average rents in the area are less than the value imposed by those offices, and less than the value they demand from new tenants.


A customer said that he was subjected to fraud after an amount of 2,400 dirhams was deducted from his bank account in the early morning hours through an international payment platform, indicating that the bank responded quickly and suspended the card after less than one minute.


The phenomenon of leaving cups of coffee and tea in the vicinity of the Al Qasba Canal in Sharjah is frequent among canal-goers, especially young people, which distorts the general landscape, pollutes the water and alienates the rest of the visitors, which requires monitoring such behaviors and imposing deterrent penalties.


Visitors to retail centers in the country noticed a state of inaction regarding the precautionary measures necessary to prevent the “Covid-19” virus, noting that the decrease in cases or the stability of the epidemiological situation, should prompt everyone to make more commitment to speed up the return to normal life.

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