The killing of a Saudi student in Canada.. the authorities are investigating.. and the embassy is following Saudi news

The Canadian authorities have opened an investigation into the killing of the Saudi student, Muhammad Al-Dubaisi, after he was assaulted by a Canadian person in a public square, without knowing the reasons.

Muhammad Al-Nassif, the uncle of the victim of the murder, confirmed that the embassy contacted them and informed them that the Canadian authorities had arrested 3 suspects who had caused the crime of assault and murder.

Al-Nassif explained that he does not know the nationality of the suspects yet, indicating that they are three people, one of whom was accompanying Al-Dubaisi, stressing that his nephew was communicating with him and did not indicate the existence of any disputes with anyone, but was in Canada to complete his studies, which he began a year ago in the specialty Mechanical engineering.

Al-Nassif indicated that his nephew joined the study in Canada a year ago and lives with his other uncle, and the investigation is still underway to find out the circumstances of the case.

Al-Nassif indicated that the Canadian police contacted the uncle of the murdered man and informed him, and he, in turn, informed the family of what had happened.

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